Keys to Success

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people share a certain kind of attitude? For example, successful people don’t spend a lot of time complaining. They’re busy taking action and creating their success. As you read the following list, think about whether you hear yourself saying any of these things. If you do, consider how you might shift to a more positive and success-oriented point of view.

7 Things You Won’t Hear Successful People Say:

1. I’m completely overwhelmed: Successful people never say this because they guard their time and manage their energy. They make time for the things that are important to them but they don’t take on so much that they’re overwhelmed.

They manage the “demand” side of their lives, and say “no” to requests that don’t align with their priorities and values. On the “supply” side, they manage their energy by taking care of themselves. Good self care prevents stress and feelings of overwhelm, and it’s revitalizing, providing more energy for priority goals and tasks.

2. I’m not ready: Successful people know that no one ever feels completely ready to embark on a new project or challenge. While it’s important to plan and prepare, it’s also important to take the first steps in the right direction. Successful people understand the importance of starting before they’re ready.

Early in my career, I was fortunate to work for a great leader and entrepreneur named Cliff. Cliff had started several businesses and was the founder and CEO of a highly successful multi-state managed care company. We discussed a new business venture and there were still questions about how the program would work. Cliff was ready to move forward anyway. I still remember him saying, “If I always waited until every question was resolved, I never would’ve started anything.” We worked out the details along the way and the project was a huge success.

This is where I see many entrepreneurs get stuck, it’s easy to get caught in “analysis paralysis” or thinking you have to learn more skills or get more certifications before you start. Don’t get stuck. Begin taking steps in the direction you want to go and build your confidence along the way.

3. I’m not lucky, I never win, or things never go my way: Successful people know they create their own good luck and opportunities. Both good luck and new opportunities come from preparedness — taking the right steps in the direction you want to go while maintaining a realistic optimism. According to an article on, Dr. Martin Seligman found that the most optimistic salespeople sold 88 percent more than the most pessimistic ones. Being optimistic makes it easier to do the things you need to do to be successful. As a result of those actions, more opportunities are also available to you.

4. I’m not smart enough, skinny enough etc., or I don’t have enough education, certifications, etc.: Successful people don’t focus on all the areas where they are lacking. They focus on their strengths and using those strengths to make the biggest impact. Everyone has weaknesses or areas for improvement. Successful people don’t let their weaknesses get in the way of reaching their dreams.

5. It’s “so-and-so’s” fault, or I can’t because he/she won’t let me: Successful people take responsibility for their own lives. They don’t blame others for their circumstances and they don’t allow others to hold them back. Getting caught up in blaming others may be a sign of a victim mindset. True success can only be achieved through personal responsibility and accepting things as they are, not as we wish they were. In order to move out of the victim mindset, you must begin to take responsibility for your life.

6. I have to do everything, and I have to do it myself: Successful people know they don’t have to do everything. They know when to say “no” and they are also able to delegate when necessary. Feeling like you have to do everything causes unnecessary pain and suffering. It drains your energy, and actually keeps you from focusing on your priorities.

7. I could never charge that much or ask for a high salary: Successful people understand the value of their skills and their time and are willing to ask for what they’re worth. They are confident in their ability to deliver value and results for their clients or employer.

Now It’s Your Turn Do you find yourself saying any of these things ? What is one specific way you have been able to overcome these thoughts or challenges? Share your thoughts below.

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