You’ve built a successful business but now you’re spending all of your time managing it. You spend so much time working, that it’s hard to find the time or energy to design the next phase for your business and life.

You love what you do but you’re tired of working what seems like 48 hours a day. You’re ready for more balance in your life – time for travel, family, and days off.

You’re also ready to get back to doing what you’re best at. You’ve always been known for having a great vision, but now you’re so far in the weeds with day-to-day details that it’s hard to see a way out.

Hey, I’ve been there too. There is a better way and I can help.

Monica Bourgeau

Monica Bourgeau, Business Strategist & Consultant for Visionary Leaders

Hi, I’m Monica,

I’m a business strategist, coach, and consultant who helps visionary leaders take back control of their lives and businesses so they can do what they’re best at.

My clients have a deep desire to create something new in business but are feeling bored, stuck, or frustrated in day-to-day management. I help them dream bigger than they ever thought possible and develop a solid plan to make their vision a reality.

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My Journey

I fell in love with business at age 12 when I started my first business mowing lawns in the rural Montana town where I grew up. Over the years I created other ventures in real estate, online marketing, and consulting.

I also spent 20 years as a healthcare executive, joining the C-Suite at a health insurance company at age 30. I went on to become a Chief Operating Officer for a managed care company, and led two large national federally-funded healthcare transformation programs.

I’ve been in the trenches for the full gamut of business, from acquiring companies, being acquired, launching new companies, developing new programs, leading a non-profit, hiring teams, and laying off and restructuring departments. I’ve also worked on national policy development and led large innovation events. I’ve even owned a profitable real estate company.

Monica Bourgeau

Do Good, Make Money, and Have Fun

Looking back, my fondest memories however, are being mentored by a Visionary CEO who taught me the transformational value and importance of good leadership.

I was recently out of college when I landed my dream job at the time. I was working for a CEO at a regional managed behavioral healthcare company.

At this company, there was a strong feeling of community, shared purpose, and fun. In fact, the CEO’s motto was, “do good, make money, and have fun.” He lived that motto and brought it into every aspect of the business and company culture. The CEO cared about his employees and regularly walked around talking with staff.

As a result, I loved going to work and felt like my work was valued and appreciated. I felt like I was part of a bigger mission, was improving the lives and health of our customers, and that there was potential for me to move up. I felt a strong commitment to the company’s purpose, worked extra hours without complaint, and wanted to become an executive one day. I moved up quickly and learned many valuable skills. Life was good.

I took it for granted until the company was acquired and we experienced a change in leadership. The new leadership’s sole focus was growth at any cost. Employees were just cogs in a ruthless system to generate profit. Departments were slashed, work assignments increased, and appreciation was non-existent.

A job that I had once loved, became a grueling experience and I hated going to work. I began to develop weird stress-related health conditions even though I was only in my mid 20’s. The long hours took their toll on my well being and on my family. My life was filled with dread.

I’d see firsthand how ruthless, profit-driven leadership causes burnout and depression among a company’s staff. How it stifled innovation, resulted in high rates of turnover, and a lack of commitment to the company. I experienced burnout myself and left the corporate world. The saddest part is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a Better Way to Lead

My early experience working for a great leader is what inspired me to begin working with visionary CEOs and entrepreneurs. I realized that the more leaders I can help develop powerful leadership skills, a transformational vision, and the strategies to make it happen, the better our world will be. That belief is what inspires me every day in the work that I do.

My focus would be developing strategies to create successful businesses, but also to create a more balanced lifestyle for the leaders and staff. When employees feel valued and are able to fully utilize their strengths, organizations flourish. I help leaders develop that kind of culture and environment. I also believed it was possible to do the right thing in business (people, planet, policy), and earn a profit.

Monica Bourgeau

Walking the Talk

I have a growth mindset and love studying business. My master’s degree is in management and organizational leadership, and I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I also completed an MBA Foundations program and have certifications in coaching, population health leadership, and managed care. I’m a graduate B-School, Make it Work Online, and other advanced online marketing programs.

Today I live in Portland with my amazing husband and our two rescue dogs. I have a grown daughter & granddaughter, and three step-daughters. 

I’ve gone from being a workaholic to only doing work I love. I’m able to be more fully in the moment, earn a great income, and savor all of life’s amazing moments. This is what I want for you.

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I wear many hats: wife, mother, entrepreneur, published author, speaker, business owner, coach and mentor, yogi, world-changer, and more.


VisionMy Mission

Partnering with visionary leaders to help them make an even greater impact is my passion. I love supporting my clients to dream bigger than they even thought possible, and creating a powerful action plan that will guide them.

It’s my mission to help as many leaders as possible to have the business of their dreams, while making a positive impact for thousands around the world.

I offer business strategy consulting, executive and leadership coaching, strategic planning, profit planning, and marketing and business development consulting to clients throughout the world.

My clients include:

    • CEO’s 
    • Healthcare Executives
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Non-Profit Leaders
    • Artists & Creatives
    • Consultants
    • Change Agents

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I also love to read about business and personal development. Want to know what I’m reading? Check out my Reading List.


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A little about what I believe…

    • I believe entrepreneurs can change the world
    • I believe it is possible to do good, make money, and have fun
    • I believe the best leaders consider people, planet, policy, and profit
    • I believe we are capable of far more than we know
    • I believe change is scary but necessary
    • I believe walking on the beach can heal anything
    • I believe a cup of steaming chai tea soothes the soul
    • I believe true joy comes from the 6-year-old inside us
    • I believe spending time with animals helps us be more human
    • I believe that we create our own everyday magic
    • I believe our intuition will light the path ahead of us
    • I believe love is always the answer


Dr. Raquel“Working with Monica provided me with more clarity on who I need to “be” to achieve my business goals. She helped me flesh things out and was a great listener who asked relevant questions. She also provided great tools that helped me get even more from our session. I’d recommend Monica to entrepreneurs who need clarity on their goals, ideal client, marketing strategies, etc.  Monica has a ton of knowledge and powerful tools with which to serve. I was impressed with how prepared she was; she had taken time to research my business ahead of our meeting and provided wonderful recommendations..”

~Dr. Raquel Muller ~ Joyful Imperfection Counseling, LLC

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