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You’ve built a successful business but now you’re spending all of your time managing it, instead of doing what you love and are best at. You spend so much time working that it’s hard to find the time or energy to be creative and design the vision and next phase for your business.

You’re ready to start delegating more and creating a team you know you can trust to get the job done. You want to know which strategies work best for deciding what to delegate, who to hire, and how to train them. Strategies that don’t leave you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, so you can focus on doing the things that only you can do.

Imagine being able to take a two-week vacation and being able to disconnect from your business so you relax and fully recharge. You feel confident about your people and systems, know that your customers are being taken care of, and that the business is moving forward while you’re away.

You’re excited to finally focus your energy when you’re at work and do the things you’re really good at that helped you grow the business in the first place. You have the time and energy to launch new initiatives, explore new markets, and build strategic partnerships. You’re excited to be doing work that energizes you and that gives you great satisfaction. Your business is thriving, and so are you as its leader.

Delegate with Confidence

How would it feel to:

  • Have a team you could trust with confidence to run your business while you focus on the important stuff?
  • Be able to relax and take a full day off, or even an extended vacation–without worrying?
  • Know that your customers are being taken care of when you’re away?
  • Spend your time doing the things you are really good at and that grow your business?
  • Let go of tasks you hate doing and that aren’t your strength because you have a qualified and supportive team?

You CAN do it and I can help!

I work with Visionary CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to help them simplify their day-to-day tasks, create a team of supportive employees, and free them up to have more fun in their business while also leading with an inspiring vision.

After completing Create More Freedom to Lead by Delegating with Confidence, you will:

  • Feel more energized as a leader knowing what duties to delegate and what roles/staff positions you will need to support your vision
  • Know what duties you should keep and how to develop your own role as the CEO
  • Have a strategy for hiring or retraining the staff you need, even if it needs to be done in phases
  • Feel more confident about delegating so you can begin to experience more freedom right away
  • Experience greater focus and more energy to launch new initiatives

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Create More Freedom to Lead by Delegating with Confidence Includes:

Business Snapshot Questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions about your business to help identify your biggest challenges about what’s been keeping you from getting work off your plate. This will help us get the most out of our time together.

Delegate with Confidence Strategy Session

During this 90-minute call, I’ll help you get clear on what you should be delegating, and how best to structure your organization, even if it needs to be done in phases. We’ll create a practical plan for growing your organization and we’ll work through any obstacles you see. We’ll create a custom plan that you can implement. You’ll feel more confident and excited to create more freedom in your business and begin to see results immediately. You’ll be able to lead with confidence, create a powerful team, and begin to implement your larger vision.

Organizational Planning Template

You’ll receive an Organizational Planning Template to help you strategically plan the growth of your organization. It includes a Roles Checklist you can use to identify which functions you need to develop within your business, and the roles you will need to fill them. The template will help you get a clear picture of the organization you want to create

Follow-up Call

Two weeks after our Delegate with Confidence Strategy Session, we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up call to see where you’re at and make any adjustments to your plan so you can begin delegating with confidence right away.

After completing Delegate with Confidence and Create More Freedom to Lead, you’ll have a clear roadmap to follow for delegating tasks that are draining your time and energy, a plan for designing a team who will support you in growing the business, and feel more confident and excited about the next phase of your business.

Enroll Now & Book Your Initial 30-Minute Session

Investment: $299

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Step 3: Complete your Business Snapshot Questionnaire

Step 4: Then we’ll hold your session and you’ll get started on delegating with confidence.

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Enroll Now & Book Your Initial 30-Minute Session

Elicia, CEO Brand Genie

“I am hugely thankful for the VIP Biz Planning Session I had with Monica Bourgeau. She’s AMAZING. Thanks to her incisive strategic planning process, I have a laser focus on how to make 2018 an incredible year. You’re the best, Monica!!”

Elicia Putnam ~ CEO, Brand Genie, Portland, OR