Guest Posts

Much Gratitude to my Fellow Bloggers and Professionals!

Thank you for your amazing support and friendship and also for sharing my blog posts with your readers.

Here are places my writing has appeared:

Ongoing:, Monica Bourgeau

2019: Article  “Seven Ways to Change the World”  Included in a College Textbook, Along These Lines, Writing Sentences and Paragraphs with Writing from Reading Strategies, Seventh Edition

March 2018 The Modern Woman’s Life: Monica Bourgeau, Business Strategist

March 2015 Missoulian: MIT Rural Health Care Hackathon on Agenda in Missoula

October 2014 Startup Nation: 7 Things You Won’t Hear Successful People Say

October 2014 elephant Journal: 6 Ways to Ditch Poverty Mentality

October 2014 Huffington Post: 7 Ways You Can Change the World

October 2014 Huffington Post: 7 Things Successful People Never Say

April 2014 5 Yoga Poses to Help You Live in the Moment

March 2014 Plum How to Start a Yoga Practice: 5 Things You Should Know

December 2013 Selfication: How to Enjoy Life – Advice from 10 Personal Development Experts

July, 2013 Business Boosters – Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Business Blog: How She Overcame a Fear of Public Speaking