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Business Strategy for Visionary Leaders

What Often Holds Visionaries Back:

You have so many ideas it can be overwhelming

You realize what you got here won’t get you to the next level

You’re isolated and tired of doing this alone

You’re so busy that your in danger of burning out

Here's 3 Ways we can work together

Expand your impact

Leadership Coaching

Create a Visionary Roadmap for your business with 1:1 coaching.

Vision Connect 1:1

Full & Half-Day Intensives

Join my global community for healthcare leaders & changemakers who are building better systems & world today!


Planning & Strategy

Planning & facilitation for small to medium-sized companies looking to expand their impact & increase innovation.

Hi I’m Monica!

I work with high-impact visionaries and thought leaders like yourself. As a new world emerges, one thing remains the same: innovators create change.

As a business strategist & consultant, I work alongside you to fully develop your innovative ideas, providing strategy, encouragement, and expertise every step of the way. I follow the principles in my award-winning book,The Change Code, to develop new ways of doing business that will ensure your success and create a global impact.

Let’s get started.

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The world needs visionary leaders now more than ever

You can live your purpose and create positive change

Client Stories

“Working with Monica provided me with more clarity on who I need to ‘be’ to achieve my business goals. She also provided great tools that helped me get even more from our session. I’d recommend Monica to entrepreneurs who need clarity on their goals, ideal client, marketing strategies, etc. Monica has a ton of knowledge and powerful tools with which to serve.”

~ Dr. Raquel Muller ~ Joyful Imperfections Counseling. LLC

" Monica is a rare talent. Her entreprenurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me to envision, design, and realize, where i needed to go with my new business! The techniques she shared with me helped me reach sound conclusions on how to create my business plan and get my business off the ground and soaring from the start! Working with Monica changed the way I think as a business entreprenuer and enabled me to put plans in place that took both myself and the Paper Barn Creations to the next level - thank you!"

~Sandy Kralovex, CEO, Paper Barn Creations. 

Canby, OR

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