Expand Your Impact, Increase Your Revenue, & Reduce the Overwhelm

You know you’re meant to do more in the world. You’ve had some success already and you have a huge vision about what you can achieve. You have so many ideas, in fact, that at times it can feel overwhelming.

Where do you begin? How do you work toward this mission while also earning a good living and not burn out?

I’ve been there and I can help.

I’ll show you how to create clarity around your vision and discover the steps you’ll need to take to get there.

You’ll feel confident you are on the right path, are living a life of meaning, and creating positive change in the world. I’ll share with you the exact strategies I’ve used to design successful companies and live in alignment with my values, while also thriving financially.

Here’s 3 ways we can work together right now:

1:1 Mentorships, Group Coaching, and Consulting:

Expand Your Impact

1:1 Business Strategy & Coaching

Laser-focused support to achieve your goals.

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Gamechangers Group Mastermind

Get on the waitlist! A group coaching program & mastermind for visionary leaders.

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Corporate Innovation &Strategy

For small to medium-sized companies looking to expand their impact & increase innovation.

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Without visionary innovators, the world wouldn’t be where it is today. Together, I can help you unlock the next level of your life, and inspire the change you want to see.

The world needs you now more than ever, and the time to begin is today.

You’re ready. And I’ve got your back.

Learn more by scheduling a no-cost, 30-minute Strategy Session:

Hi, I’m Monica.

I work with high-impact visionaries and thought leaders like yourself. As a new world emerges, one thing remains the same: innovators create change. 

As a business strategist & consultant, I work alongside you to fully develop your innovative ideas, providing strategy, encouragement, and expertise every step of the way. I follow the principles in my award-winning book, The Change Code, to develop new ways of doing business that will ensure your success and create a global impact.

Let’s get started. 

As Seen On

“Working with Monica provided me with more clarity on who I need to “be” to achieve my business goals. She also provided great tools that helped me get even more from our session. I’d recommend Monica to entrepreneurs who need clarity on their goals, ideal client, marketing strategies, etc.  Monica has a ton of knowledge and powerful tools with which to serve.”

~Dr. Raquel Muller ~ Joyful Imperfection Counseling, LLC

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The Change Code

You’re a leader with a huge vision. But in today’s polarized world, it’s hard to know what to do. Climate change, immigration, healthcare – how are we supposed to address the world’s biggest problems or the problems in our own community when we can’t even talk to each other?

There’s a reason why things are like this. We’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. This is the tipping point.

This new book provides a groundbreaking model—and the ultimate tool for human change. The Change Code gives leaders a practical roadmap for navigating this new world. It’s not too late to save the world, it starts here. Get your copy today.

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