Monica Bourgeau on Awake, Aware, Alive

I was fortunate to have been interviewed by my friend Jacob Gossel on his podcast, Awake, Aware, Alive at the end of February. We had a great conversation about life, creating change, and my new book, The Change Code.

The discussion was especially meaningful because Jacob’s podcast is how I learned about the work of Futurist, Steve McDonald and his podcast, Future Sense. I reached out to Steve after listening to the podcast episode and he ended up becoming a great friend and resource during the writing of the book. He also wrote the Foreword which you can download here.

Jacob has interviewed a lot of thought leaders, including Steve, as well as one of my favorite authors, Charles Eisenstein. The thing I love about Jacob’s podcast is that he dives deep into the topic he’s discussing, gleaning far more insights than a peripheral overview. He’s also willing to share his own story and experiences, becoming quite vulnerable at times which helps others do the same. I also love Jacob’s fun psychedelic graphics, don’t you?

So, check out the interview and Jacob’s podcast and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Here’s a brief preview of the interview:

Listen to the full episode and learn more about Awake, Aware, Alive.

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