Monica Bourgeau on The Insecurity Project podcast with Jaemin Frazer

I was recently on The Insecurity Project Podcast with Jaemin Frazer talking about my new book, The Change Code, and how insecurity can affect our ability to change. We had a great discussion which you can listen to here.

Jaemin’s podcast is part of his project, The Insecurity Project which I love. Most of us have feelings of insecurity, especially when we’re in new or uncertain situations. Jaemin does a great job of normalizing this feeling that is often ignored. He provides a lot of helpful resources for overcoming insecurity, including his Podcast.

Jaemin is based in Sydney, Australia but shares his message of hope and confidence worldwide.

Learn more about Jaemin and The Insecurity Project at

Learn more about The Change Code at You can also order here.