Power Strategy Packages

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Choose from one of the following modules that is customized for you and your business:

Vision Clarity and Company Charter:

Creating a clear and motivating vision for your business is the key to success. Most entrepreneurs have a vision for their business. I help them dream even bigger, think of new possibilities, and create powerful plans to help them get there.

During this program, you’ll gain clarity about your vision, and also create your company mission, vision, and values statement. These elements create the foundation for your business and form your company charter.

Imagine having a vision that is so exciting that you jump out of bed every morning. It provides meaning and impact and it, along with your charter, are the compass to direct your business. You CAN do it and I can help! Learn more about the Vision Clarity and Company Charter strategy program.

Investment: $499


90-Day Business Plan:

As a visionary entrepreneur, you have a million ideas, and there are so many shiny objects. You are tired of feeling scattered and overwhelmed and are ready to take charge of your time and your schedule.

You’d really like to feel like you have a clear focus for your business, and a plan that you know will get you where you need to be.

Imagine working with your business co-pilot (that’s me!) to craft your major business goals, and then break them down into a manageable chunk that you can complete over the next 90-days. The easy-to-follow format makes the process fun and enjoyable, and it’s easy to measure your progress and stay on track. You CAN do it and I can help! Learn more about creating a Powerful 90-day Business Plan


Business Capture Plan:

You have an amazing opportunity to meet with a new prospective client, or to submit a proposal or bid, and you want to make sure you provide the best possible view of your company. Or maybe, you’re getting ready to move into a new industry and you want to create a strategy to get new business.

You’d really like to get this client but you know it will be competitive. You wish you felt more confident about what to say or do to improve your chances.

Imagine walking into your client meeting and feeling completely confident that you’re prepared. You’ve outlines your strengths, analyzed the competition, and put together a thoughtful proposal for discussion. Your entire team is on the same page and you are able to present a clear, unified message about the benefits you provide. You CAN do it and I can help! Learn more about Business Capture Planning.


Delegation & Organizational Plan:

You’re ready to start delegating more and creating a team you know you can trust to get the job done. You want to know which strategies work best for deciding what to delegate, who to hire, and how to train them. Strategies that don’t leave you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, so you can focus on doing the things that only you can do.

Imagine being able to take a two-week vacation and being able to disconnect from your business so you relax and fully recharge. You feel confident about your people and systems, know that your customers are being taken care of, and that the business is moving forward while you’re away.

You’re excited to finally focus your energy when you’re at work and do the things you’re really good at that helped you grow the business in the first place. You have the time and energy to launch new initiatives, explore new markets, and build strategic partnerships. You’re excited to be doing work that energizes you and that gives you great satisfaction. Your business is thriving, and so are you as its leader. You CAN do it and I can help! Learn More about delegating and organizational planning.


Marketing & Business Development Strategy:

You are tired of feeling uncertain or confused about your marketing or social media presence and just want to attract new clients. You want to create a solid plan for getting new business.

You’d really like something that you know will work to attract potential customers and provide a professional online and offline presence for your business.

Imagine having a clear and proven strategy to follow for your business, with specific steps and examples. You CAN do it and I can help! Learn more about Marketing & Business Development Strategy.


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