Powerful 90-Day Plan

As a visionary entrepreneur, you have a million ideas, and there are so many shiny objects. You are tired of feeling scattered and overwhelmed and are ready to take charge of your time and your schedule.

You’d really like to feel like you have a clear focus for your business, and a plan that you know will get you where you need to be.

Imagine working with your business co-pilot (that’s me!) to craft your major business goals, and then break them down into a manageable chunk that you can complete over the next 90-days. The easy-to-follow format makes the process fun and enjoyable, and it’s easy to measure your progress and stay on track.

You CAN do it and I can help!

I work with Visionary CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to help them create solid business capture plans to get new client and grow their business.

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Creating a Powerful 90-Day Plan Includes:

Business Snapshot Questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions about your business to help identify your biggest challenges about what’s been keeping you from getting work off your plate. This will help us get the most out of our time together.

Pre-Session Call

During this 30-minute call, I’ll gather information for the business capture planning session, identify areas for additional research, and prepare to make sure we get the most from our time together.

Business Planning Session

During this 90-minute call, I’ll help you evaluate your potential new client, identify any obstacles, review your competitors, analyze your organization’s strengths, and develop a solid strategy to improve your chances for new business. We’ll create a practical plan for growing your organization and we’ll work through any obstacles you see. We’ll create a custom plan that you can implement. You’ll feel more confident and more prepared, and begin to see results immediately.

90-day Plan Summary

You’ll receive a summary of our Strategy Session, along with any suggestions or recommendations from me.

Enroll Now & Book Your Initial 30-Minute Session

Investment: $499

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Step 3: Complete your Business Snapshot Questionnaire

Step 4: Then we’ll hold your session and you’ll get started on marketing with confidence.

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Enroll Now & Book Your Initial 30-Minute Session

Kami Norland, CEO

“Monica’s spark in facilitating the Business and Planning Sessions were exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level and beyond! Her insights were valuable, her guiding questions were thought-provoking and encouraging. Her approach was thorough and systematic, yet free-flowing and natural. She has mastered the balance between the art and science of facilitation!

As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to take on so many roles within an organization, but Monica’s ability in helping to prioritize and provide structure was not only like a soothing blanket for my worries, but she rejuvenated my zest for making a difference within my organization. Any leader who is looking to transform their vision into reality needs to partner with Monica.”

~Kami Norland, CEO, Integrative Re-Sources, Duluth, MN