Reading List

What I’m Reading Now:

The Checklist Manifesto      How Will Your Life Measure Up   How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci


What I Read in 2018:

The Universe Has Your Back   Start - Do Work That Matters    Richard Branson, Finding My Virginity



What I Read in 2017:

The e-Myth Revisited   The Prosperous Coach   The Art of Exceptional Living   The Book of Joy   Getting Noticed      Presence   Making the ShiftWar of Art

              What I Read in 2016 or Earlier:

The Success Principles   Artist's Way at Work   Stress-Free Living   Lean In   Happiness of Pursuit   $100 Startup   Start with Why   The Now Habit   Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs   On Writing   What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast   Life Visioning