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Behind-the-Scene Discussions with Visionaries,
Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

You’re a leader, entrepreneur or changemaker who wants to create a better world? This show is for you! 

Join host, business strategist, futurist, and award-winning author, Monica Bourgeau, as she goes behind the scenes with Visionary Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers to learn how they found their vision, how they moved from idea to execution, and how they stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Get inspired to think like a Visionary, lead your own revolution, develop an unstoppable mindset, and bring about lasting change in your part of the world.

About Visionary Minds™ Podcast

The world is changing and old systems and ways of operating are no longer working. 

Visionary entrepreneurs are discovering new pathways and showing us what is possible. They’re designing businesses and organizations that are not only profitable, but that actually change the world. 

Join our host, author and business strategist, Monica Bourgeau, as she goes behind the scenes with these visionaries to discover where they get their ideas, how they move from idea to action, and where they see opportunities for other changemakers.

If you’re a visionary entrepreneur who’s looking to create a life you love and a business that makes an impact, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started. 


Visionary Minds Podcast Mission: 

To inspire others to dream big, envision a better world, and take action to ultimately make the world a better place.


Visionary Minds(TM) with Monica Bourgeau 

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