VIP Business Immersions

Do you feel a sense of urgency in getting clear about your business goals, creating the roadmap to get you there, and taking action?

We’ll spend a focused day solely on you, gaining clarity, and getting results.

Available in person in Portland, Oregon or virtually through my Zoom classroom.

Your business power day includes:

  • Business Snapshot Questionnaire
  • Initial Intake & Strategy Session: I’ll collect information about your business goals, experience, education, and we’ll plan your VIP Session
  • Powerful 90-Day Plan Template
  • Organizational Planning Template
  • Email Support for 30 days
  • Follow-up Call: Three 60-minute follow-up calls to review your results, adjust our plan, and create next steps

In-Person or VIP Virtual Business Immersion

  • Full-Day Power Session: A 6-hour focused meeting to review your goals, gain clarity, and create an action plan

Examples of topics that can be addressed in a VIP Session:

  • Creating a Powerful 90-day plan to propel your business forward
  • Creating a Powerful and Realistic Profit Plan (products & services, rate structure, etc.)
  • Creating your business mission/vision/ideal customer (the foundation for a successful business)

IF you’re ready, I can help you get your business on the fast track. I can help you save time, reduce costly mistakes, and get you earning the income you deserve.

To get started, click below to schedule a call and learn more about this exclusive, in-person, VIP coaching experience.


Elicia, CEO Brand Genie“I am hugely thankful for the VIP Biz Planning Session I had with Monica Bourgeau. She’s AMAZING. Thanks to her incisive strategic planning process, I have a laser focus on how to make 2018 an incredible year. You’re the best, Monica!!”

Elicia Putnam, CEO and Founder ~ Brand Genie, Portland, OR