3 Keys to Visionary Thinking

A Free Webinar for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
ready to expand their impact.

Grow your vision! Disrupt your industry and Lead the Change you want to see!

When: August 25, 2021

Time: 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (6:30 ET)

Dear Visionary Leader! I’m so glad you’re here! 

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re frustrated. You started your business because you wanted to make a difference but you’re not making the kind of impact you wanted to make.
  • You are a Visionary Leader but you’re stuck in the day-to-day minutia of running a successful business.
  • You wanted to create real transformation, but instead, you’re just doing a little bit more and a little bit better than the status quo. 
  • You’re beginning to wonder, “Is this even worth it?” 
  • You have ideas, so many in fact that it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you wonder, where do I even begin?

Most business leaders have a vision, but those who become successful changemakers are doing things differently. They think like a visionary.


Visionary: Someone who can see beyond the present, beyond the ordinary.

Visionary Leaders forever change what we do. They take an industry and change the way we think about it. These leaders disrupt their industry and create world-changing impact.

Whether it’s Apple’s Steve Jobs, or Tesla’s Elon Musk, these innovators changed the way we look at the world.

But you don’t need a special gift to be a visionary.

We all have the potential to be visionary leaders.

We can each impact the world in a meaningful way.

That’s why I created this webinar.

I believe the world needs more visionary leaders than ever right now. These visionary leaders need solid practices and knowledge to make the world a better place for all of us. This is not just about one leader or one business. It is a world-changing initiative that I invite you to embark on with us.


Who should attend:

  • Founders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, physicians, and business leaders of small to medium-sized organizations
  • Leaders who are ready to create change, disrupt their industry, and do things in a radically different way


During this webinar, you’ll: 

  • Learn how Visionary Thinking can transform how you’re looking at your business and your industry, helping to shine a light on opportunities that were previously hidden
  • Learn my formula for Visionary Thinking – and how you can develop these traits to turn your bold vision into a reality
  • Learn how to make your business stand out and create real and lasting change – designing an organization of the future today
  • Have more clarity around your Bold Vision
  • Feel more confident taking next steps


This webinar is for you if you: 

  • Are passionate about your mission and want to expand your impact
  • Want to create unique value from your business and stand out from the crowd
  • Are tired of “business as usual” and wants to do things differently in your business
  • Are ready to think “bigger”, take action, and really start making a difference

If this sounds like you, I invite you to join me for this 1-hour free webinar.

The world needs visionary leaders now more than ever

You can live your purpose and create positive change

“The Visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.”

~Malcolm Gladwell

Hi I’m Monica!

I work with high-impact visionaries who are transforming their communities and the world. I help them expand their impact while creating sustainable businesses they love.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve led my own companies and worked with innovative CEO’s and thought leaders. Today, I guide changemakers to create new paths and implement audacious new ideas.

As a business strategist & consultant, I work alongside you to fully develop your innovative ideas, providing strategy, encouragement, and expertise every step of the way. I follow the principles in my award-winning book, The Change Code, to develop new ways of doing business that will ensure your success and create a global impact. Are you ready to change the world?

Let’s get started.

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Client Story

“Monica is a rare talent. Her entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me to envision, design and realize where I needed to go with my new business! The techniques she shared with me helped me reach sound conclusions on how to create my business plan and get my business off the ground and soaring from the start! Working with Monica changed the way I think as a business entrepreneur and enabled me to put plans in place that took both myself and the Paper Barn Creations to the next level – thank you!”

~Sandy Kravolec, CEO, Paper Barn Creations, Canby OR