Are you a tired of hustle culture and want to lead differently?

If so, I can help. I offer 1:1 and Group Leadership Coaching:

Expand Your Impact

1:1 Business Mentorship

A 6-Month Program for Visionary Business Leaders. I’ll take you through my three-step process: Reimagine, Revolutionize, and Refine for your business. With focused 1:1 support, you’ll:

  • Accelerate your business growth with a trusted advisor.
  • Map out your next-level vision & revenue and identify the best next steps & opportunities for your team.
  • Expand your impact so you can reach more people, disrupt your industry, and lead a life you love.

1:1 Full-Day Intensive

Vision Connect: VIP Day

Do you want to reconnect to your bold vision and create a plan for your business?  I’ll lead you through a 1:1 Virtual VIP Planning session to help you:

  • Design a powerful Bold Vision Canvas that inspires you
  • Feel more energized and know where to focus your time
  • Let go of feelings of stress and overwhelm and experience more confidence and clarity



This is for small to medium-sized organizations, start-ups, and companies looking to drive transformation, increase innovation, and create a paradigm shift in their industry.

Services offered include strategic planning, business planning, strategy development, mission/vision/values work, training & workshops, virtual team meeting facilitation and more.


Client Story

“Since I started working with Monica, I have learned valuable business lessons and strategies. If I was to streamline my business goals on my own, it would have taken me years to achieve what I have achieved in less than 3 months. Not only have I doubled my clients, I have doubled my sales and have learned golden rules from her on how I can sustain this and look towards the future. Monica comes with great knowledge and expertise in business coaching, and her teachings are invaluable. The one thing that makes Monica stand out, is her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. She is so calm, knowledgeable and has an admirable way of leading with humility. Working with Monica has changed my perspective altogether, has taught me how to stay afloat and connect with clients in meaningful ways while working towards achieving my financial goals.”

~Aneela Fazal, Owner and Artist, Aneela Fazal Studio, Portland, OR